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Jennifer Smith

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Writer, Producer, and Director

Connecting with My Audience Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling

I Create Narrative Driven Films and Documentaries

Jennifer Smith is a Writer, Producer, and Director. Jennifer focuses on narrative-driven feature and short films as well as documentaries. Her debut piece is a short documentary called 'Finding My Edge,’ a movie about a young athlete's Lake Tahoe ultramarathon journey. Jennifer's mission is to create compelling visual stories that resonate with her audience.


Explore the captivating tapestry of Jennifer Smith's storytelling. Each page unveils a versatile and compelling narrative journey, from emotive film scripts to poignant short stories and lyrical poetry. Immerse yourself as we delve into the rich chapters that define Jennifer's creative universe.

What I Do


Jennifer Smith uses her 30-plus years as a business lawyer to get stories into the world. She sees each project as a symphony worthy of precise orchestration. Discover the intricacies of Jennifer's role in bringing compelling narratives to life from script to screen.


Step onto the set where Jennifer Smith transforms stories into cinematic masterpieces. As a director, she navigates the visual landscape, breathing life into narratives. Join us behind the scenes to unravel the artistry and vision that define Jennifer's directorial journey.

Finding My Edge

A young woman trains for and competes in the 2022 Tahoe200 ultramarathon in Lake Tahoe, California.

Finding My Edge

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Upcoming Project - Phoebe Lark

This narrative feature tells the story of a singer-songwriter who risks everything, including her relationship with her son, as she chases her country music dreams and discovers the power of her voice.

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